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ATTENTION: Rift Account Phishing Scam



Posted over on the Rift Forums by Elrar
Greetings all,

It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent to some of our players requesting they update their Trion Worlds username and password information. If you receive an email from Trion Worlds please inspect it carefully! While the link can look correct it may take you to a completely different website.

Never click a link you don’t trust! Always copy and paste the URL directly into your browser and ensure that the site you are on is either riftgame.com, trionworlds.com, or trionworlds.custhelp.com (this is our Customer Support Knowledge Base.)

Lastly, if you are ever concerned about an email you received or the security of your account simply Contact Us or go to the Support section found on RIFT - Home and we’ll be happy to help you, thanks!
Please make sure that you check any links, we don't want anyone losing their rift account!


I know that Turbine has seen an uptick with account issues and I'm sure Trion will face similar issues once people start to realize how popular Rift is.

I would not only watch out for Phishing scams but other general account security that we all should do.