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Cannot Log Into Mythic Account


I can log into my EA account, then on the second page,


I put in my Mythic master account name, (xxxxx_uo) and my UO account password
Then I get this.....


Am I missing something here? It says that the Master Account is already linked with an EA account, and to please login with the EA account.....Which, I had to login with in the first place in order to access the second page......

Any help would be appreciated as I really need to update my billing, or I am faced with the choice of just letting everything go and quitting UO.

Not what I would prefer, but at this point, the frustration is endless and annoying.

Thanks in advance!


I have sent this member a PM with info to hopefully help them fix the issue.

The normal methods do not seem to work so I have referred the member to uo@broadsword.com for more assistance.
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Capt. Lucky

Grand Inquisitor
It seems with Mythic/Origin whoever runs this stuff... lol. Your email as your username will get you an automated password response better than anything else. Hope this helps...