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EM Site Feed [EVENT] A Trail Of Sorrow III

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Stratics Veteran
9/27/2018 – At the Rangers Guild Hall, Shamino explained that while the rangers had been pursuing their lead at the Vesper Museum, he had been investigating a separate lead by speaking to Heckles the Jester at Castle Blackthorn, to see who the jester had purchased the chess themed painting collection that had bee created with the enchanted paints. The paintings seemed to have come from an art dealer based in Yew, and so the rangers set out to attempt to detain and question the man. Before the departed, Shamino also stated that he had been visited by the fairy Meep, who had delivered a pot full of magical paint thinner that could be used against the enchanted paint that protected Shadow Stroke. However, once they arrived they found that the entire house had been engulfed in a mass of shadowy paint, with Shadow Stroke’s minions emerging en masse from a painting within the house. The oozy legions came in droves but through persistence the rangers managed to fight them back, until Shadow Stroke itself appeared and unleashed itself against the rangers, but thanks to the magic paint thinner the entity was defeated. Inside they found the dead art dealer covered in black ooze that had leaked from out of an ominous painting of a necromancer. Shamino declared he would collect all of the paintings for examination, and that he would decide the rangers’ next move next time they met.

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