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[Trading] gift items for items on Europa


Stratics Veteran
I have the following available on this shard, would like to trade for items on Europa.

Harpsichords: (stratics.com/community/threads/sneak-peek-ii.275025)
4 blue
1 'grey'
1 green
1 pink

Sands: 2003, 2008, 2009, 4x2010

7 heritage tokens, 7 cakes including a Mesanna, 7 harpsichord rolls, 10 assorted muffins

Happy to trade specific items or a bulk load!

Also have 20 14th anniversary tickets, and 3 compassion pigments (1 slate blue, 2 phoenix red) if anyone wants them


Stratics Veteran
That's an impressive chart!

I separated out the things from my 15th anniversary bags and dumped a bunch of muffins, so they're not gift packs any more, but if the items are still of use to you we can trade like for like and/or make me an offer for the extra 14th anniversary tickets :)


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Supporter
I don't need the muffins. POndering getting rid of a bunch either way. I can gladly give you the 14th tickets I have on Europa and the 13th too if you want those (you can trade some of the 13th items like the fruit basket for points).

Let me know what works I'll add you when i'm available this afternoon