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Hotfix #7: 3/12/11 8:00am PST - [EU @ 2:00am GMT 13/3/11]



** Dye Merchants will be re-enabled shortly after this patch.

* Defiants will be given the breadcrumb quest to teleport to Moonshade Highlands at level 32 instead of 35.

* Necromancer: Feign Death is now removed when zoning.
* Archon: Earthen Barrage now has a 15 second cooldown and increases the melee and spell critical hit chance of group and raid members within 10 meters by 5% for 15 seconds.

* Charmer's Caldera – Expert: Fixed an issue where Caelia the Stormtouched would use "Wild Lightning" when she wasn't supposed to.
* Iron Pine Peak: Blood Runs Black: Fixed quest progression bug. Also made quest item lootable by the whole group.
* Iron Pine Peak: A Hymn of Frost and Flame: All party members can now loot the Enkarus Key.
* Shimmersand: Final Preparations: Fixed looting of the Captain's chest.
* Droughtlands: Tampering with the Well: Fixed quest update bug.
* Freemarch crafting dailies are now all completed at Denegar's Stand.

* Fixed an issue where recipe scrolls for Artificer were requiring Outfitter skill to learn.