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I bought an $1100 gaming computer and neither client runs worth a crap on it. Adios.


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He isn't wrong. Enhanced Client takes 30 seconds for character death to work and has inexplicable lag at times, and the classic client feels so jittery if you're used to games from this century, and lacks so much function it's hard to go back to.

And my PC sure isn't the problem.
Death at EM events, or other very busy areas, can sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time...regardless of how you tweak the settings.

Just like opening a public corpse can sometimes crash the client as it has to download the novella of 125+ items worth of stats.

Fortunately, the list of game-stopping bugs is actually rather short and several ideas have been given to help narrow down the reason(s) why these things happen. I'd love for @Bleak to take the time to properly investigate and finally crush some of these.

In fact, I think the EC deserves a bug squishing publish cycle of its own instead of continually getting shafted/ignored. @Mesanna


I've never encountered any of these problems aside from the char death taking 5 seconds or so in Shadowguard. My computer is probably about equal to that of your new set up Spock as I just recently renewed a bunch of parts in it. The truth of the matter is, it's not UO, its not the computer... It's the operating system. Win 10 is garbage for everything, I'm quite certain you could find a few simple registry keys to input that would fix it all, I also suggest finding a legacy mul file download & just putting those in your classic folder. For some reason, I have to manually install the mul files from my google drive every time I reinstall classic or it is jittery and messed up like you say. Seriously, search the internets, go to reddit, anywhere. I'm sure someone has the answer for you. My computer already had all the registry keys and everything changed from when I was using win 7 and had most of the same issues.

I will say though, I am amazed you can run BF1 on win 10 without issue, BF1 hates my computer & I'm beyond spec'd out for it with 2 1080s, 64GB ram, and an i7-5960x. I really do think your problem is the OS, not the operator or the computer.


Crazed Zealot
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I've had zero issues with other games in Windows 10.

SLI is probably your issue, **** is more trouble than it's worth.


I've had zero issues with other games in Windows 10.

SLI is probably your issue, **** is more trouble than it's worth.
I completely agree, I only use SLI for when I'm running engines and making games/rendering 3D models. The things some crazy people do in their spare time ;)

Capt. Lucky

Grand Inquisitor
You got the best processor you could get within that price range for a full pc. Thats what you meant right?
No I said it right. I pick the processor I want then watch the sales. Naturally they cut corners else where. Usually the video card etc but I like to pick my own video card anyway.


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Lol did you try adjusting the settings? Sounds like a monitor or display issue...not something to rage quit over.

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Lord Frodo

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I'm sorry. Dude, $1100 for a "Gaming Computer" is an oxymoron.
Since when did you need a "Gaming Computer" to play UO, you can play UO on a $10 Target special and telling someone to pay more for a UO computer is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard.


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Classic client runs choppier than it did on my old Windows XP crapbox. Plus they made the gameplay window larger but literally nothing else. My HP bar is tiny. My character is tiny. All the text is so tiny it's almost unreadable.

Enhanced client is a trainwreck. End of.

I can't play this with a straight face. Peace out. No you can't have my stuff.
Don't leave Spock! I don't use the huge screen as everything is too tiny. I turned mine back down to 800x600... it just looks better. EC sucks horribly.... I couldn't even figure out how to log out and had to alt-F4 it the first time I tried it..... CC is still where the fun is. We will miss you on the forums though if you leave, of that I can promise you.


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$299.99 Monitor included steaming pile of Walmart/HP Dookie that can barely open a webpage but runs UO great and up to 4 clients before getting choppy................. Oh and does not have any problems at events or crowded areas.