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ppl.. plural... i only see me in the mirror... not that i look at mirrors much, too busy working on websites to even consider looking at a mirror. why would i look in a mirror anyway? not like i need to look pretty for anyone. not that i would want to anyway. no time for it as there is enuf drama in my life and on the interwebs not even gonna bother dealing with preening and primping to be pleasing to the eye in when reality i don't want ppl liking me for my looks anyway but my brain and that in turn gets back to my op because, seriously now, all i see are stoopids and it makes me so angry it becomes solid and i just wanna shove things in their faces and scream, "LOOK AT THIS YOU STOOPID HEAD!" because that is how we say it here in hawaii instead of getting all belligerent with cus words and off-color words we just get kinda silly but that doesn't make up for the stupid it just shows we have a little bit of aloha even for those idiots that are so imbecilic that they deserve a "o-o" in the middle of the word cos yeah that's how i say it when i see it and i've been seeing it far too often lately and i have no outlet i just gotta stand there and make like a bobble head with bouncing positively with a sickening silly grin to keep them happy but omg if they would just open their eyes and clean out their ears they would finally see just HOW STOOPID they are anf i might, just might, have a chance to breath again and relax and not get so stressed but no, i come online to get some much needed R&R from reality only to find more of it that is really just makes me want to shut it all off and tell everyone where to go but i cannot because - quite honestly - i'm really a nice person am just having a seriously crappy day which is looking to be the beginning of a seriously crappy week which i'm sure will culminate in a seriously crappy weekend for the 4th and all because this STOOPID IDIOT OF A LOLO BRAIN cannot get his brain back from his arse so everything i've done planned for the 4th is utterly screwed which means, ayuh, i'm very poor company but you know what i really should just ignore it - but kinda hard to as i've been ignoring it now for about 6 months and 6 months is far to long to ignore something that is just so SIMPLE even my grandchildren can understand but yet here i am waiting for another bellow from the other side of the island which will, of course, prove yet again just how utterly brainless grown people can be.

i am not amused nor am i accepting your "j/k"

and i really do hope certain cousins see this and they realize why i've been...
-avoiding facebook
-not checking my emails
-not responding to texts
-not even paying attention to the cell phone (is off)

because i'm fed up and don't wanna explain it 40 times to 40 ppl so yeah read the solid block of text and let my rant sit here for a bit


*no specific insinuation to any one or group of people here at stratics other than my cousins and family - and they know who they are


Slightly Crazed
and i really do hope certain cousins see this and they realize why i've been...
-avoiding facebook
-not checking my emails
-not responding to texts
-not even paying attention to the cell phone (is off)
Stop being passive aggressive and just tell them to **** off and give you some space, that you don't want to deal with their stupid ********.


Edit: hey look. I found an unfiltered word. :X