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Merlyn Arrives on July 31

Stratics News

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Hello all,

Our fourth major content update, Merlyn, arrives on July 31, bringing a huge number of new features, changes, and improvements to the world of Albion.

Faction Warfare is Coming!

Open-world warfare comes to the Royal Continent with an all-new Faction Warfare system. Sign up with one of five factions, then set out into the wilds of Albion to claim outposts, transport valuable goods, and earn exclusive rewards.
  • Outposts and Trading - Take down enemy factions' outposts by defeating unique faction bosses with their own strengths, skills, and personalities.
  • Special Faction Rewards - New faction resources open up alternative crafting recipes, while faction capes and mounts offer exciting new gameplay opportunities.

Other Additions and Changes
  • Refining and Crafting Bonuses - Each of the Royal Cities now has unique bonuses, based on materials that are rarer in that city's biome.
  • Resource Redistribution - Enchanted resources now appear in greater quantities around the Royal Cities, providing new opportunities for gatherers and transporters.
  • Equipment Overcharge - Overcharging an item gives it a temporary power boost, at the cost of risking breakage once the overcharge ends.
  • Marketplace UI Improvements - In addition to a more streamlined UI, players can now view a more accurate average price display and an in-depth sales history.
  • New Dungeon - The new T5 Group Dungeon, 'Stoneroot Caverns', pits you against hordes of massive Keepers in a sacred underground cave.
  • New Costumes and Trophies - New wedding costumes celebrate the first year of Albion Online, and new Laborer Trophies are available for the various gathering nodes.
  • Additional Improvements - Merlyn also brings balance and skill updates, easier navigation, bugfixes, and much more.
For a more detailed list of everything coming with Merlyn, visit our update page

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