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New to Albion? Intro to Albion - Livestream

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Hey everyone,

Looking to the launch of Steam tomorrow the 16th of May, we have a special 3 part show lined up ready for any new folks on the block or those just looking to brush up on their knowledge, the Intro to Albion Livestream is the perfect way to make sure you're all caught up on the basics of Albion Online.

Join hosts Lewpac and Shozen on AlbionTV this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as they guide you through the early stages of the game, from gathering, crafting, and mastering the Albion economy, to exploring the open world and progressing through early-tier leveling.

Here's the detailed streaming schedule:
  • Wednesday 16. May from 20:00 UTC: Introduction to the series; the Day 1 experience with Q&A
  • Thursday 17. May from 18:00 UTC: Weekly Season 2 GvG Highlights
  • Thursday 17. May from 20:00 UTC: Day 1 recap; the Day 2 experience with Q&A
  • Friday 18. May from 20:00 UTC: Day 1-2 recap; the Day 3 experience with Q&A
As you can see we will still have time to catch up on the latest Season 2 GvG action going on around Albion, for those that do not want to miss an episode.

- Evoque

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