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Please help with recovering OLD accounts

I have written to EA/Mythic/origin support, I have spoken with them on the phone 3 times as well; was directed to support@ultimaonline.com; wrote 2 e-mails and have waited 2 weeks and still no response; so now I am here :(

This is my dilemma and request as follows:
I am a returning player and have 6 accounts tagged to an e-mail address that no longer exists.
I remember one of the accounts user names.
I know the accounts still exist, because I tried to create a new account with the name I remember and was told it is taken.
These are old accounts, one of them started in 97.
I know the billing address and contact information for the accounts.
I still live at the residence where the accounts originated.

Will someone please help me with gaining access to my accounts again?:please:

I will not discuss the specifics for the accounts here, this is a private matter and needs to be addressed with the security given to billing information.o_O


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Just a thought but have you tried re-creating the email address to see if you could get the password(s) sent to that email address (the newly created one that matched the same as the one that doesn't exist)?
I've been having the exact same issue. I can't remember the usernames and passwords of 2 of my accounts and the third I can't remember the password.

I do not have access to the email either on any of them.

I've tried going to "Link Mythic Master Account" option on the login screen and it rejects every guess that I use. I'm wonder if maybe the accounts got lost in cyberspace?

I'd love to know if you figure out a resolution.
You'd figure they'd make it easier to retrieve lost accounts to encourage old loyal players to return easier to the game...