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Political discussions on Stratics.


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Hello Everyone,

As a general announcement, Stratics leadership has been reviewing some of the political based threads and the reports from those threads, and it has been decided that we will no longer allow real life political based discussion on Stratics.
The following has been added to the Rules effective immediately under the section “Prohibited Activities”
  • Engage in real-life political or religious discussions anywhere on Stratics or associated properties.
It is no secret that there are strong emotions on each side of the past elections. The past elections also contain strong topics of discussion in relation to religion, racism, sexism, and all around inappropriate behavior and accusations. These topics of discussion were already forbidden on Stratics, and allowing discussion of real life politics will only toe the line to these topics. It is also easy to get rather heated in a debate of politics, which will in some cases dissolve into borderline personal attacks and trolling which we have already witnessed.
If you have any questions regarding this policy change, please email the leadership team at leadership@stratics.com.
Thank you.