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Quality of UO Fashion...


Alright, this might be a little personal, but here goes - it is S'n'R after all...

What the heck is wrong with most players these days? Not attitude, 'cos you're fairly lucky if you get any, but how they look? Seriously, the day-glow cowboy days were bad enough, but modern fashion? This isn't a slight on the art designers (mostly), but having been around for the last 15 years, I can't bring myself to move away from looking at least like I haven't dressed in the dark without night sight on...

Glacial hues, metal dye tubs, bleached white leather... whatever happened to a good heavy archer suit in plain leather and iron? Alright, recognise it'd seriously suck for PvP, PvM, PvAnything, but even crafters have turned into Vivien Westwood fashion rejects!

Days were when being able to dye things black meant you looked good, or at least felt half decent. I had a top-end mage suit mage by a crafter-colleague of mine, and I had second thoughts to reject it as I couldn't dye the headpiece (char worn bandana since inception)...

At least let me have my metal leather armour dye tub back that'll match my metal armour to cloth colours, and vice-versa... I quite like my agapite and valorite boots thanks.

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Or just venting and talking trash...?


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It's all a matter of personal preference. I like that we have so many options available now, but I agree that some options are rather garish. I'd like to see more options to make clothing articles look different worn, too. For example, I'd like a high enough tailor to be able to make that headpiece you mentioned look like a bandana on your character (while still maintaining the traits and limitations of its original form).

And of course there's the fact that EC and CC clothing looks completely different. Here is a post I wrote about a year ago when I was trying to make an appropriate suit for a character. Pro tip: check your character's appearance in both clients if it is something that matters to you!
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You know, the whole prospect of being able to edit items of clothing or armour interests me... Imagine the shame of being a tailor and not having the skill to turn a robe into a shirt or whatever.
As long as it uses the same equipment slot what exactly would be the harm?