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Seppo Baby

Magdalena Chef

Stratics Veteran
(For posterity...*snickers*)

Hailers! It's that time of year again! Everyone sing along! *kiss kiss*

Seppo, baby, slip a rare pelt under the tree
For me.
Been an awful good girl, Seppo baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight.

Seppo, baby, a diamond-collared unicorn, too —
Light blue!
I'll wait up for thee, dear Seppo baby
So hurry down my chimney tonight. (*winks*)

Think of all the fun I've missed.
Think of all the Dread Lords that I haven't kissed.
Next year I could be oh soooooooooooo good
If thou'd just check my Yuletide list


Seppo, honey,want Minoc and well, really that's -- not a lot
Been an angel all year, Seppo baby.
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Seppo, honey, there's one thing that I really do need — the deed
To a Castle all mine, Seppo baby,
So hurry down my chimney tonight.

Come and trim my Yuletide tree
With gems and gold and every fabulosity.
I really do believe in thee.
Let's see if thou believes in me (*blows kiss*)

Seppo, baby, forgot to mention one little thing — a ring
Blessed, of course, all my own, Seppo baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight.