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"The Cursed Doll Festival" report


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story http://uo2.stratics.com/posts/27355

Princess Sakuya said us.
Nadeshiko is a half with monster.
Her power was confined by the princess Sakuta's doll.
And now, that 2 doll's(husband and wife) was lost.
So she stretched the barrier around the warehouse.
We went her warehouse,and we touch some itme when we jump other place.
I went to husband's doll side.
There was the husband's doll.
Takeru the Nadeshiko's boyfriend showed us.
He was a hollow situation and attck us.
We kill him and back princess.
Pricesse told Nadeshiko,and Nadeshiko got big power of monster,and she leave.

This was Princess Sakuta's dream?!