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This code cannot be applied to any of your current game accounts

Lucky Luke

Stratics Veteran
I already had a main account and opened a new trial account. Today i decided i want to keep this account and i activated the monthly subscription on it. Then i headed to the origin store and bought me the following upgrades:
- expansion Stygian Abyss + 30 days gametime (seemed like a good deal)
- expansion High Seas

Activating the key for High Seas worked.
Activating the key for Stygian Abyss gave me the following error:

"This code cannot be applied to any of your current game accounts"

Clicking the link "Support" at the bottom of the page sends me to a non existing web page :(
Gonna send a mail to support@ultimaonline.com

Anyone else experienced this problem?

Petra Fyde

Peerless Chatterbox
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I'm afraid you are a victim of Origin's misleading advertising. What you needed was:
Ultima Online:™ Stygian Abyss Expansion Pack (UPGRADE ONLY)
The expansion pack with 30 days game time is for new accounts

Lucky Luke

Stratics Veteran
Ok i have used EA's live chat support. Took probably 45-60 mins but they have started a refund process on my order and gave me a promotional code for 15% discount at origin store. I can expect a refund in 5-7 business days.

Annoying but i can live with that :) Meantime i bought the correct Stygian Abyss upgrade from the website and this one does work. I wanted to use the promotional code but they never gave me the chance...

I work as a webdeveloper for a living and the website has kinda failed for me...
Let's hope they really do use my feedback and fix it on the website so the next person doesn't experience the same thing.

Actually before posting this reply, i decided to look where i can find the promotional code entry form.
Go to shopping cart, on the right side you will see "Promotional code", click it and then the input field will show.
Seems like they prefer you don't use it to me. Just show the damn field in the first place...

Ended up being frustrated with:
- origin's website (perform some usability tests!!!)
- the nextwork of websites and how to figure out the right place where to find support

Ended up being pleasantly surprised with:
- EA's live chat support

All in all: i'm a gamer, i got my upgrade, can't be bothered with the rest haha :D I'm too easy hehe