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This post is a rant about EA. That is all.

Arroth Thaiel

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I recognize that Broadsword is not responsible for many aspects of this game, which EA as the publisher, maintains control over. I also recognize that Broadsword must work through/with EA to get "stuff" done. I applaud the team for what they have managed to accomplish, in spite of being hog-tied to EA's subpar systems (i.e. Account "Management").

Rant /ON

What follows is general frustration with the way everything EA does with UO is...done. Or, more correctly not done (such as making the products you're selling available for people to purchase - other countries can't by Stygian Abyss, 10 charged forged metal doesn't appear in store searches, etc.), forgotten (Intellectual Property rights), and/or half-arsed (can you say Account Management again).

*****Today's philosophizing was brought to you by the Store Link. And the color green.*****

*****And possibly the number Googleplex*****

As others have said, clicking the link to the "Store" - on the UO main page - goes to the main page of the Origin store. Which would be fine, except that the main page of the Origin store displays nothing related to UO (Ok, maybe once in a year). Origin does have UO stuff, if you hunt for it, but it doesn't by default consistently advertise or provide anything related to UO on it's main site.

Which seems odd, since the link you click on to get there is on the UO website, and is marked "Store". This could lead someone clicking on said link to believe they are be directed to a store selling, you know, UO things. Imagine their confusion when they are directly to a store that has no mention of UO, but sells many other products they may, or may not be interested in. But by all appearances, has nothing to do with UO.

Perhaps this arrangement could be changed, so that when someone who is clearly interested in UO products (they are, after all, on the UO website, clicking on the link for what appears to be a "UO Store") clicks on said link, the clicker gets results for, ya know, UO products.

This would seem to make more sense then directing a potential customer to someplace which does not display any relationship to UO. You know, that thing they wanted to buy.

The "Store" link, as it is now, would be just as effective if it linked to a place selling chocolate, or horse dung for distillery fuel, or Amazon.com. Actually, after having used Origin, Amazon might have been a better choice.

I therefore propose a system setup similar to other websites which sell things. Let me explain, with examples.

When you click on the link for the Star Citizen store, you are directed to a online store where you can get stuff to buy for Star Citizen. When you click on the link for the Elite Dangerous Store, you get stuff to buy for Elite Dangerous. Finally, *boggles*, when you click on the link for say Sears, you get stuff to buy from Sears. (This system of helping customers directly to a place where they can purchase an advertised product seems to be prevalent, daresay popular, with almost all online retailers.)

I know right? It's like bat-**** crazy.

***The following cliff notes are provided for EA.

***You want to sell a product. You advertise said product with clickable link to store which sells said product. Interested customer clicks on link to "Store" which sells said product. Interested customer is taken to "Store", which in fact does sell said product. Interested customer buys said product. Customer is happy. Store makes money. Company that owns store gets said money.

Rant /Off

You all have a good day.

New website looks good.


P.S. Obiviously Broadsword cannot tell EA how to run account management, or Origin. But we can hope

P.P.S Logged back in to say this should be in Spiels and Rants, if the category still exits, but the mods had already moved it.
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Capt. Lucky

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Your totally on target with EA having their fingers deep into the Origin Store and Account Management. I can only imagine the frustration at Broadsword with this set up. The root problem is EA doesn't give a **** lol

Lord Frodo

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The link could be changed with ease... watch... https://www.origin.com/en-us/store/browse?q=ultima online AMAZING!!!!

All uo.com would have to do is copy and paste the search of ultima online instead of using origin.com as the link.... Pretty damn simple, but yet not thought of.
Just use ultima and leave out the online part and you get everything to do with Ultima plus the reincarnation token only shows under ultima for some strange reason.