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Trial ended, bought 3 months, now can't sign in!!

title says it all. Had the trial, liked it a lot, payed for 3 months and now I can't access the account. There was no new login info given. I don't understand it, I've contacted support but god knows how long that will take. Anyone have any ideas?
Okay so I figured a couple things out...
I needed to buy the game lol, did that, added the code and it was successful.
I have time bought etc…
Now I can't sign in with the client, I can review everything on my account mgmt. All of my accounts are linked and everything is active and listed as a retail account.
The prompt I get on the client is the "your account is not linked, blocked etc"
Does anyone have any ideas?


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Did you buy a game time code? If so you have to apply it to the accuont.